ID Name Photo Base Stats Description
0 Rock
Hp:20 Att:17 Def:19 Exp:8 Basic space rock. Can't shoot, has low defense/attack, and moves in a linear trajectory. Small rocks are level 1-14, mid-size rocks are level 15-34, large rocks are level 35 and up.
1 Brisker
Enemy brisker
Hp:8 Att:21 Def:18 Exp:7 Small fighter plane. Moves quickly and uses many different movements. Shoots slowly and has extremely low defense. Can usually be defeated with one hit.
2 Blok
Enemy blok
Hp:40 Att:30 Def:45 Exp:25 Defensive cube. High defense and attack, but can't shoot. Generally used to block areas the player should not be able to access. Found only in space stages.
3 Quill
Enemy quill
Hp:20 Att:32 Def:22 Exp:21 Sharp dart. Deals double damage on impact, but can't shoot. Has high speed and low defense.
4 Ardorus
Enemy ardorus
Hp:50 Att:30 Def:25 Exp:37 Medium attack ship. Fires rapidly and often aimlessly. Has high Hp and low defense.
5 Regalant
Enemy regalant
Hp:80 Att:40 Def:40 Exp:94 Heavy attack ship. Fires fast and accurate bullets. Has high attack, high Hp, and high defense. Hovers around for a long period of time before moving on.
6 Therrian
Enemy therrian
Hp:45 Att:30 Def:35 Exp:35 Persistent attack fighter. Chases the target attempting to cause impact damage. Shoots rarely.
7 Turret A
Enemy turret a
Hp:46 Att:37 Def:31 Exp:53 Land based gun turret. Fires quickly, but cannot shoot backwards. Has high attack and defense. Often accompanied by breakers.
8 Turret B
Enemy turret b
Hp:46 Att:38 Def:30 Exp:53 Space/Ocean based hovering gun turret. Fires quickly, but cannot shoot backwards. Has high attack and defense. Often hidden behind bloks or strong rocks.
9 Linker
Enemy linker
Hp:45 Att:32 Def:28 Exp:25 Spiraling space debris. Slides toward target slowly attempting to deal impact damage. Can't shoot, but causes double damage on impact.
10 Breaker
Enemy breaker
Hp:25 Att:29 Def:30 Exp:22 Land based gun turret. Fires slowly, but is often in large groups which create large bullet swarms.
11 Gravel
Enemy gravel
Hp:24 Att:33 Def:21 Exp:17 Swarming small fighter. Can't shoot, but will often charge at target and deal double damage on impact.
12 Prang
Enemy prang
Hp:30 Att:42 Def:30 Exp:19 Space bomb. Explodes after several hits, damaging nearby targets. Red debris stars will cause bloks and other prangs to explode on impact.
13 Ark
Enemy ark
Hp:46 Att:30 Def:30 Exp:56 Medium gunship. Flies down and fires arcs of bullets. Has high Hp. Usually accompanied by another ark.
14 Astraphant
Enemy astraphant
Hp:40 Att:35 Def:30 Exp:50 Lightning cloud. A blob of lightning that flies across firing ray bullets. Fires quickly but randomly.
15 Nitro
Enemy nitro
Hp:25 Att:35 Def:23 Exp:20 Tiny attack tank. Rolls across land stages toward player. Fires medium speed bullets about once per second. Often attack in large groups.
16 Valiant
Enemy valiant
Hp:68 Att:40 Def:42 Exp:90 Fast attack ship. Avoids player's direct line of fire. Shoots balls of energy that bounce off walls for a few seconds. The projectiles are of the Laser type, regardless of the ship's type.
17 Plastron
Enemy plastron
Hp:34 Att:40 Def:22 Exp:24 Shelled fighter. Flies downward in a protective shell that only opens when the player is nearby. Fires two shots on opening.
18 Turret C
Enemy turret c
Hp:60 Att:35 Def:42 Exp:55 Land based gun turret. Remains closed for a few seconds before opening and firing waves of Plasma in all directions. Attacks are Plasma based regardless of the turret's type.
19 Turret D
Enemy turret d
Hp:60 Att:35 Def:42 Exp:55 Land based gun turret. Sprays a constant stream of plasma while slowly turning 360 degrees. Attacks are Plasma based regardless of the turret's type.
20 Beacon
Enemy beacon
Hp:50 Att:26 Def:32 Exp:41 Magnet laser ship. A small, slow moving, fighter ship that fires elemental beams from each side.
21 Resistor
Enemy resistor
Hp:1 Att:32 Def:32 Exp:9 Elemental block. A small block that can only be damaged by an opposing beam type. All damage dealt is either 0 or 1.
22 Fireball
Enemy fireball
Hp:38 Att:40 Def:32 Exp:18 Large ball of fire. A large bullet fired by the Phlogiston boss. Each bullet sprays plasma in all directions.
23 Pharos
Enemy pharos
Hp:34 Att:26 Def:32 Exp:26 Spherical laser ship. A small, spinning, fighter ship that fires short pulses of elemental beams from each side.
24 Apiary
Enemy apiary
Hp:60 Att:30 Def:42 Exp:54 Ground-based Drone housing. A large hive unit capable of storing endless waves of Drones.
25 Porter
Enemy porter
Hp:60 Att:30 Def:42 Exp:54 Air-based Drone housing. A large hive unit capable of storing endless waves of Drones.
26 Drone
Enemy drone
Hp:30 Att:33 Def:30 Exp:20 Swarming attack ship. Emerges from its container and chases the first enemy it senses.
27 Ordin
Enemy ordin
Hp:35 Att:85 Def:30 Exp:52 Stealthy sniper. Sneaks in from a distance and fires a single powerful shot.
28 Coulomb
Enemy coulomb
Hp:46 Att:36 Def:33 Exp:47 Large land based gun turret. Fires triple shots and is often in large groups of breakers.
29 Judgement (Boss 1)
Enemy judgement
Hp:1450 Att:92 Def:48 Exp:750 Ruler of the Lucid Nebula. Attacks: Random Fire, Arc Wave, Devastation.
30 Halite (Boss 2)
Enemy halite
Hp:3460 Att:198 Def:145 Exp:2105 Ruler of the Arctic Nebula. Attacks: Ice Rain, Ice Storm, Charge.
31 Tempest (Boss 3)
Enemy tempest
Hp:5825 Att:377 Def:2500 Exp:12861 Ruler of the Glare Nebula. Attacks: Bolt Spread, Lightning Storm, Reverse Cavalry.
32 Phlogiston (Boss 4)
Enemy phlogiston
Hp:13910 Att:780 Def:670 Exp:21475 Ruler of the Infernus Nebula. Attacks: Shell Retaliate, Charge Whirl, Charge Flare.