Stat Modification Items
Name Cost Description
Power Fuel 80 Attack x 2 for 10 seconds.
Shield Boost 80 Defense x 2 for 10 seconds.
Flash Fuel 150 Critical hit % x 2 for 8 seconds.
Hyperdrive 40 Move fast for 25 seconds.

Healing Items
Name Cost Description
Repair Kit Alpha 50 Recover 50 hp.
Repair Kit Beta 200 Recover 150 hp.
Repair Kit Gamma 750 Recover 300 hp.
Repair Kit Delta 1300 Recover 600 hp.
Repair Kit Epsilon 1900 Recover 1200 hp.
Repair Aura N/A Recover all hp.
Second Wind N/A Revives you if hp drops below 0. Breaks after one use.

Attack Items
Name Cost Description
Ring Blast 200 Fires a ring of plasma bullets around the ship. Gone after one use.
Nova Wave 650 Fires a dark energy wave that passes through defenses. Gone after one use.
Cavalry 575 Fires waves of ray bullets from behind the ship. Gone after one use.
Phalanx 750 Fires a continuous stream of normal bullets for 8 seconds. Gone after one use.
Flare Star N/A Fires a single, ultra-powerful, non-elemental shot. Gone after one use.

Other Items
Name Cost Description
Gravity 150 World moves in slow motion for 15 seconds.
Accretion Disc 500 Doubles number of debris stars when enemies are killed. Lasts 30 seconds.