Shields and Locations Edit

Name Location Max Str Rec/Sec Special
Trainer Shield Starting shield 18% 1% N/A
Rookie Shield Clear zone 15 of the Coliseum 23% 2% N/A
Pilot Shield Clear zone 33 of the Coliseum 28% 3% N/A
Ace Shield Clear zone 68 of the Coliseum 34% 4% Blocks Collisions
Particle Shield Clear zone 83 of the Coliseum 30% 3% Bullet to Debris 100%
Wall Shield Clear zone 100 of the Coliseum 80% 0% N/A
Crash Shield Clear zone 150 of the Coliseum 20% 3% Reflects Collisions
Champion Shield Clear zone 199 of the Coliseum 42% 4% Blocks Collisions
Fortress Shield Clear zone 250 of the Coliseum 140% 0% N/A
Reflect Shield Clear zone 300 of the Coliseum 30% 2% Reflect 50%
Galaxy Shield Clear zone 350 of the Coliseum 48% 4% Blocks Collisions
Fortune Shield Clear zone 400 of the Coliseum 10% 2% Bullet to Bit 50%
Omega Shield Clear zone 500 of the Coliseum 60% 5% Regen 2%
Construct Shield (not available as of v2.13) 18% 10% N/A

Special Abilities Edit



Blocks Collisions When colliding with an enemy damage will be taken from the shield's strength rather than the player's HP. If shield strength is depleted then the player will take damage.
Reflects Collisions When colliding with an enemy, neither the player or the player's shield will take damage.
Bullet to Debris Bullets that hit the shield will be turned into debris stars shot back at the enemy.
Bullet to Bit Bullets that hit the shield will be turned into bits.

Bullets will bounce off the shield back at the enemy. Even when reflecting bullets, the shield will take damage.


Regenerate percentage of HP every 3 sec.